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How it works...

In order to create a one of a kind art piece we need one key ingredient..YOU. Your ideas and input are a crucial part of the process. It works like this-


To get things started you first need to decide on the image that will become the focus of your original piece of artwork. This can be your tattoo, a friends maybe or perhaps it's a drawing of yours that you would like to see as a tattoo. Just keep in mind that how the image you send looks, is how it will look on your 'flesh'-meaning that if the image is blurry or distorted, we will do our best to sharpen and clean the image up but a high resolution or clear image is always better to get the best outcome. 


Next we will discuss how you would like to see it displayed. You play a big role in this step because this is where you tell us whether this will be framed behind glass, with or without a mat, shadowbox, a bottle opener plaque, a plaque to hang your keys on, a clock?,  or a box to put your secrets in (or whatever you stash in a box)...the point is that the options are vast and your imagination is key. You'll also be faced with the question- How gory do you want it? or none at all? we can range from zero to Texas Chainsaw Massacre lol, it's really up to you.


Then, kick back and put your feet up because we'll take it from here! We will  work our magic and create a one of a kind, original, totally unique work of art just for you.


So don't be shy, send us a message and let's see what we can do for you!

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